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Photobooth with Lauren and Jordan

Check out the pictures from the latest Photobooth with Lauren and Jordan!  You can access them at either or by going to my site at, clicking on “online ordering,” and the clicking on “Photobooth - Lauren and Jordan   10/24/2010.”  All orders for pictures can be placed directly through the website.



Happy Halloween from Me and my Pit Bull Pumpkin!
Megan and Matt - 10 to 10

Drink in every moment

Another week has come and gone.  Just last week I was designing my July 4th Happy pic, now it's the 10th.  So, Brian, what clueless seemingly innovative thing will you present us with now?... Actually, I do have a anecdote for this...and for all of my friends who I will be working with on their upcoming wedding days.

Quick and simple.  As yesterday as the fourth of July seems from today, it is already 6 days ago.  You...every one of you... has spent a significant amount of time planning every fine detail of your wedding. 

Tip# 1:  Slow down....the day will be here, and gone, before you know it.  Soak in every minute of your planning and have it fill you with so much excitement that the day CAN'T come fast enough.

Tip# 2:  Show me a perfect wedding and I will show you a three headed dragon.  It does not exist.  Point may have your day go off without a hitch, and have a kick-ass time in the process....but I bring this to you as a reminder. 

Something, however major or minuscule, may go wrong.  I have seen both ends of the spectrum on this.  However handled, either can be a non-issue, or a catastrophe.  Make it the 1st.  Something could go stupid....for my wedding, the cake was supposed to have Rosebuds on the topper.  Nice and red....good contrast to a black and white wedding, and complimentary cake.

Wellllllllll....our's didn't quite come out like we envisioned.  The baker just Harpooned the topper with the plastic 'bouquet' and left it there.  They didn't nicely place each individual rose-head on the topper.  Nope.  Moby Dick didn't stand a chance against this baker.  Point being....we were the only ones who noticed.

I worked with a bride a few years ago for a very small wedding.  30+ people plus themselves in the wedding party, and over 700 invited quests.  No biggie.

HOLY CRAP!!!!  There were lobsters piled 5 foot high on a 10-topper just for the cocktail hour alone!  750 invited guests?!!!?  I don't think I could scrape up any more than the 242 people I invited to ours.  750 is like walking down the street and saying, "hey, how 'bout you?"
I really don't think I even have enough friends to have a 30+ person wedding party.
OK Brian, get to the point, finish the story......gotchya.

This was obviously a big day and a big deal for these clients.   The bride had the best attitude I have ever seen.  While 15+ girls were running all over her house for the preps, and I was just trying to survive...never mind take pictures....the bride comes in and looks at her flowers and says, "Hmmmmm, that's not what I ordered....."  and moved right the &^%$ on.  No tension, no was what it was.

So I hope some of my experiences can slow you down, pick you up, and most of all, help you to best enjoy the most awesome day in your life at this point.  But it really pales in comparison to having a child....everything in stride my friends....everything in stride.


Happy Independence Day!!!!!
Danielle and Derek - 6/4/10

Who are currently cruising down the coast of Spain......*%%^&^%&^!!!!! I do all the work, they have all the fun! :o If you know me by now, rule#1 is to never take me seriously unless I am being serious.

Danielle was stunning. Period. Verità. Bella. En fuego!

Don't ask me what any of that shit means...I am just good on the internet.

But besides Period, I think what I am saying is, "it's the truth," "Beautiful," and, "On fire." Just damn HOT!!!!

And to boot, I got to enjoy the company of many people that I have not Seen in quite a long time. Lova ya Katie and Justin! And Ali...yeah....that was a fun 8th grade dance!

So, now, the moment. Wind-swept waves and breeze off of the CT river as we watched a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Saint Clement's Castle in Portland, CT. The Reception was held there as well. The birds circled overhead and if Danielle would become a praying mantis, wikipedia tells us that The female may start feeding by biting off the male’s head (as with any prey), and if mating had begun, the male’s movements may become even more vigorous.... So, Careful Derek! just looking out for a brother LEO.

A great time, great people, and a wonderful day all around.....

From Danielle shakin' her booty before the wedding to Derek wondering where the wedding was (tip: Keep the drinking to a minimum until AFTER the ceremony :) ) I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day. Thunderstorms the day before, and the day after....God painted a beautiful canvas for the day in between.

All in all....I must say Derek and guys ROCK. Thank you so much for all of the fun, and my best to the both of you.

All of the rest of the friends I made that night, and the old friends I got to see're the best!

Music by my good friend Dwayne Taylor from PowerStation. He rocked the house.

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Some pictures just speak for themselves

Honey, we need to talk.....

Becky and Steve - 5/29/10

Step One: Get yourself a Tent the size of a football field.

Step two: Buy enough beer and ice to fill horse troughs. Make sure you have enough to kill a horse, just in case.

Step Three: Have a DJ rock the dance floor like there is no tomorrow.

Step four: Fall on face from alcohol poisoning.

I love self made, self created, private estate weddings. They never cease to amaze me and Becky and Steve made sure that this was one night that would not soon be forgotten. From creative forest type decorations, to an incredible belly dancer, (guys, you can pick up your jaw from the floor's been a few days :) ), this was one wild ass time!!!!!

Becky chose a beautiful Maggie Sottero gown, a pair of white Cowboy boots, and special Cincinnati Bengals Garters for Steve. Steve and his crew left no stone unturned in putting together the perfect tuxedo to get married in: Jeans, a vest, shirt and tie, and some shit-kickers to boot. Awesome!

They relived some of their childhood memories through a 'love-story' slide show projected way up onto the tent and then the dancing started. I am not sure it ever finished.

What I do know is that Steve and Becky are basking in the Caribbean Sun on Saint Lucia right now and I am stuck in front of this darn computer.....hardly seems fair. In my next life I am going to get married every week, go on constant honeymoons, and have someone else take the pictures :)

My best to both of you and thanks for a slammin' good time!


DJ - Dave Fontaine of Music in Motion (hands down, their best DJ)

Catering: David M Grant Caterers

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Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Woman's Day....what's next?


It is certainly nice to be published :)  My image (above) will be appearing in 3 major publications in their July Editions.  Plus, of course, I'll throw in the plug for Valley Orthopaedics.  A great, and funny bunch of guys to shoot with!  If you visit their link, listed above at, you will see my images on their website as well, namely all of the Dr's and PA-C's profile pictures.


Shelly and Scott 4/10/10

I know it is really easy to get into that redundant 'this couple was great' kind of post, but by now, you should know by now that I call a spade a spade.

So, what does that mean, mysterious Brian?

What it means is that just as I choose to let my environment and every aspect of a couple's personality inspire me in my photography, I also choose to tell THEIR story...not some cookie cutter version of any wedding I have ever shot.

Now, Shelly and Scott, I have to say, are not your typical couple. Why you ask? Just take a look. Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I am hoping that the gallery of mine are worth a million, but better yet, tell their story.

Shelly and her bridal party were just a blast to work with. With a bunch of vocabulary that can not be mentioned here, I found myself laughing my ass off more that anything. You Gals were great, and a wonderful support to Shelly. With impeccable taste, Shelly floored her husband to be, Scott, with a magnificent Maggie Sottero wedding dress that just complimented her in every way. Scott really didn't care and went fishing with his guys before the wedding at the Riverview in Simsbury, CT. They didn't catch a thing.....but Scott sure caught Shelly walking down that aisle. I am not sure I have ever witnessed a prouder moment in a man's life.

So, in closing, to an awesomely fun and beautiful couple, Shelly and Scott, I wish the best of times to be shadowed only by better times. It was an honor to share your day with you.


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Karen and Nate March 27th, 2010


Tip: When having a wedding in Siberia, do remember to bring the rings with you from the hotel.

All kidding aside....and several Mimosas later, the rings arrived at the Pavilion at Crystal Lake safe and sound. Karen had no problem prodding Nate to say "I DO" as she threatened him with not breaking him out of the ice block he had formed into.

Realistically...I was the only moron still wearing a shirt sleeve shirt...

I meet lotsa people and obviously grow a bond with many of them. This one was different. I had never met Karen and Nate before their wedding day. They flew in from San Fransisco to get married in the good old north-east. (If I had it my way, I would have flown to San Fran :) )

I have met some of the most genuine, down to earth, greatest souls on earth during my years in the business and Nate and Karen rank among the top. They are some of the most fun-loving, humorous, and down-to-earth people you will ever meet. This has been my pleasure. And to top it off, we met with the rest of the rowdy bunch by setting up a photo-booth and grabbing shots of everyone, literally, letting their hair down.

My best to Karen and Nate for a long and happy marriage!

Best, Brian

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!

Jackie and Sergio March 5th, 2010